What Women Drivers Need to Know About Their Vehicles

Woman DriverAustralian women are taking charge of their cars. A survey reveals that one in three women is in charge of vehicle servicing, and a majority handle maintenance. The research further notes women are becoming more diligent at keeping their cars in good condition.

If you wish to be a part of this take-charge population, here are some things you need to know about car maintenance.

The Right Tools

A great way to start is to have an emergency kit in your car. An emergency kit prepares you for vehicle breakdowns and other incidents on the road. Your vehicle should have the following:

– Basic Tool Kit (with screwdrivers and shifting spanner)
– First Aid Kit
– Jumper Leads
– Fire Extinguisher
– Torch

You should also place the owner’s manual and service manual in your car. Your owner’s manual gives you the basic information you need to know about your car. Your service manual, on the other hand, allows you to track the maintenance that has been done to your car. Both can help you troubleshoot in a pinch.

The other essential items to have in your vehicle are a spare tyre, a jack and a fully charged mobile phone, in case you need to call a tow truck service. The highly prepared woman driver may also carry water and food, face wipes and a blanket.

Know What You Can Do

You should check your car’s engine oil level and change it regularly. You need to also look at the coolant level for the radiator to prevent the engine from overheating.

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Other things you need to check are your air filter, battery, lights and your tyres. Ensuring the condition of your tyres maintains your safety on the road. Check for pressure and tread wear.

You don’t need to have the knowledge and expertise of a mechanic. But knowing basic car maintenance will go a long way. It will ensure your car stays in top condition, and keep you safe on the road.