Top 3 Car Rental Mistakes You Should Avoid

Agent showing car controls to clientCar rental has made life more convenient as it has given people the freedom to hire a vehicle according to their needs. For instance, a person in the market to rent a vehicle can choose a minibus or van for larger groups or a car for fewer passengers. Trucks and SUVs are also on the market for, say, hauling and transporting loads. People renting a vehicle can even choose what colour of car they prefer to drive.

Indeed, if you are looking to hire a vehicle, there are many options available to you from car rental companies in Auckland. However, for you to have a satisfactory, seamless vehicle rental experience, you may want to avoid these common pitfalls.

1. Failing to do pre-rental inspections

After deciding on a particular vehicle and on a rental company to service your needs, carry out a thorough review of the specific unit you are eyeing. Keep an eye out for any scratches on the body, mirrors, windscreen, headlights, among others. Also, check for any parts that might be missing, especially in the interior. Remember, as well, to check into the car’s performance status to eliminate any potential mechanical issues or engine trouble. Being vigilant and aware about the condition of the vehicle will not only ensure your safety on the road but also spare you the trouble of being held responsible for any pre-existing damages.

2. Not shopping around

It pays for you to carry out some research and compare the quality of the company’s rental fleet, as well as rental rates, as these vary from one car rental company to the next. Some companies even offer discounts and coupons for special offers. Of course, you want to spend less but also get the best experience possible out of your trip – and only an exhaustive comparison of companies will assure you of this.

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3. Returning the car late

Most car rental companies do offer a grace period on the return time of the vehicle. However, do not push your deadline. Avoid late fees by scheduling your trip well within the return date. Include a buffer for unexpected delays like traffic jams and sudden weather changes. It’s prudent to factor in ample time for returning the vehicle so as to avoid last minute mishaps and unplanned costs.

With a little bit of wisdom, preparation and proper planning, your car rental experience can be a pleasant, productive one that goes without hitch.