For Contractors: Spare Parts for Every Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment Parts in PerthConstruction equipment can handle all kinds of work in difficult environments. And while they’re made to last, this is not a reason to ignore their need for maintenance. Perhaps the reason some owners are unable to take good care of their equipment is because of the complexity involved.

Regardless of the professional you hire, repair technicians can still have a difficult time finding the ideal machining parts in Perth for the different kinds of equipment they service. Here are some common spare parts you ought to know to give you have an idea what to order next time:

Bits and Blades

The bits and blades of an excavator and other similar construction equipment are ideal for leveling the ground and pushing the soil. You can get these parts custom-made, so you can fit them on any type of machinery and perform tasks more effectively.

Trackpads and Shoes

Trackpads and shoes play an important role in enhancing the performance and safety of an undercarriage. These components prevent damage of sensitive surfaces, as your heavy equipment passes on them. You will find these parts on equipment, such as road milling equipment, trenchers, and excavators.


This is one of the common undercarriage spare parts. Most of the wear on this component is caused by too much tightness on the tracks. Check and adjust the tension according to manufacturer’s recommendation before putting new idlers.

Track Rollers

These parts are used by crawler-type equipment, such as excavators and bulldozers, for their extreme wear resistance capabilities. These parts are designed and manufactured using the highest level of precision, offering high durability and strength.

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With the maintenance of different construction equipment, knowing the right parts for repairs is important. Of course, there are numerous spare parts in the market, but the ones offered by trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers is what you should find.