Basic Checks to Do Before Calling In Air Conditioner Repair Person

Aircon Repair in Sandy, UT

Aircon Repair in Sandy, UTEveryone probably experienced that time when things are suddenly heating up, sweat is running down your back, and despite your best efforts, you cannot put off the feeling that you air conditioning just isn’t working right. But before calling in the air conditioner expert in your neighborhood and shelling out money for repairs, there are some things you should check to see if it warrants calling in someone from outside. The steps outlined could very well save you plenty of time, money and the hassle of going without air conditioning.

Is electricity on in the house?

There are still plenty of occasions where the repair guys get called in with a complaint that the air conditioner repair is pending and things aren’t running anymore only to find that the house and even the entire neighborhood has no electricity. It is quite embarrassing, the technician has wasted time, and money to come there and there is a service call made only to end it with “call us back when there is power at home.” So be sure to check you have power.

Is the gas meter on?

Many users are relying on gas to power their devices sometimes. After a holiday, people end up forgetting to turn on their gas service. They may have recently changed to a new place and the gas meter could be off, which is why the air conditioner is not functioning. Do check with the building maintenance people for help before calling in air conditioner repair personnel in Sandy, UT.

Check the air filter

Air filters are important in regulating the airflow of the AC and if not changed or serviced from time to time, this can cause malfunctioning of the unit. Be sure you discuss this with your air conditioner repair personnel to avoid bigger problems.