4 Things You Need During Search and Rescue Missions

Preparing items in case of emergency situations

Preparing items in case of emergency situationsIf you have ever been in a disaster, you know how crucial it is to move fast to rescue lives. While there are experts that help conduct the search and rescue missions, many times ordinary citizens play a pivotal role in the operations too.

Usually, they will give you a series of training if you wish to participate in the mission and some of the following equipment.

Amphibious vehicles

Floods are some of the commonest and most destructive disasters in the country. As experts conduct search and rescue missions in swampy areas, it is crucial that they use the right types of vehicles.

Search and rescue amphibious UTVs can easily navigate these swampy areas, making the S.A.R operation more effective.

Communications equipment

Most of the time during a search and rescue mission is spent in communication. The team constantly receives directions from base command and gives feedback on the progress of the mission. The commonest items of communication include radio transceivers, satellite phones, and cellular phones.

Medical kits

Many of the members of the S.A.R team have training on how to handle medical emergencies. Some of the victims of the disaster will need first aid; hence it is crucial that medical supplies be present. Such medical supplies include respiratory equipment, bone saws, intravenous fluids, and scalpels.

Rescue gear

You will need to protect yourself during the mission. Thus you need to have the necessary equipment while performing tasks. These include protective eyewear, gloves, respirators, kneepads, appropriate footwear and so on.

Never attempt to enter a hazardous area without the required gear, lest you fall victim to the disaster yourself.

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The success of a search and rescue mission certainly demands the commitment of a strong-willed team. By working with the right equipment, you can greatly boost the effectiveness of the operation and increase your chances of success.