4 Things to Do During a Flood

Flooded transportation sign with road barriers on a cloudy day.With the frequency of floods in the country on the rise, it has never been more important for families to know what to do in the event of one. Few calamities can be as destructive as a flood.

Here are four essential things to do should one hit your area.

If trapped, wait for help

Many families get trapped in their houses during floods. Call people and inform them immediately. Usually, the authorities will send out people with specialized amphibious search and rescue XTVs to your rescue.

Unless you have such kind of a car, do not put your family in danger by attempting to drive through the waters using your family car.

Evacuate immediately

As soon as you get warning that there might be a flood, act quickly. Do not try to save your belongings. Move your family to a safe area before the rising water cuts off access completely. Make sure you have shut off the gas, electronics, and water before leaving.

Avoid flooded roadways

If you happen to be on the road, steer clear of a flooded roadway. When you come to one, stop, turn around, and go back. Should the waters have washed the roadbed, you could easily lose control of your vehicle. And, even if the roadbed is intact, your car could be washed away by even a few inches of water.

Do not attempt to walk through flowing water

As soon as the water is above your ankles, stop walking. Choose another way. When water is flowing swiftly, it can easily knock you off your feet. If you have kids, do not let them play near moving water.

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Perhaps the most alarming fact about floods is that they can happen anywhere, at any time of the year, and without warning. Equipping yourself with essential information about what to do during a flood can save you and your family when one occurs.