4 Easy Ways to Get Top Dollar for Your Dying Car

Man giving the car keys to customer

Man giving the car keys to customerWhen you have been driving your car for about a decade, you may start to sense the scrap yard looming in the near future. The good news is that there are reliable dealers who will eagerly offer cash for cars in West Auckland. In fact, some of them do not care whether the car is dead or alive. That said, there are smart ways you can get dealers to pay more for your car. Here are four of them:

Clean and wax the car

It is one thing to have an old car. It is quite another to have an old, dirty, unappealing car. Before showing your vehicle to potential buyers, ask yourself which of the two impressions you want to create. Buyers will not think twice about paying more for a tidy car as compared to an unpleasant looking one. So drive to a professional car wash and have the car thoroughly cleaned and waxed.

Fix small dents

Ask the mechanic to inspect the car for any dents and scratches. Then determine which faults you can fix without having to spend too much. These may include cracked side mirrors, faulty lights, and scratches on the body and so on. Fixing these small areas can mean the difference between good and great when a dealer is assigning a value to your vehicle.

Have maintenance records ready

Buyers are very interested in knowing about the history of your car. Keep receipts of costs you have incurred in repairing and maintaining your car. Be candid about what has gone wrong with the vehicle in the past to win their trust.

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Know when to take the deal.

Once you have prepared the car for sale, have an experienced person evaluate it and tell you how much the car could cost. Keep in mind that this figure is only an estimate. So should a willing buyer offer a slightly less amount, do not hesitate to close the deal.

Thanks to the recent increase in the value of used cars, now is the time to cash in on yours. If you can prep it well, you will get people to pay you handsomely for the car, regardless of its age.