What Farmers Should Know Before Buying a Quad Bike

Quad bike for rough terrainWhen choosing the right farm quad bike, WorkSafe reminded farmers that they should have the proper training and experience to use the vehicle.

Farm owners and employers should also ensure that farm quad bike operators observe safety precautions, such as wearing a helmet at all times. This is important to avoid violations of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (HSE Act).

The Right Vehicle

It is important to use the right vehicle for the job to prevent fatal accidents. A Ute, for instance, is a better choice for transporting heavy farm loads or people around the farm. Motorbikes are a good choice for mustering jobs. Unless designed for similar purposes, quad bikes should not be used beyond the advice of your supplier.

Likewise, you should only transact with authorised dealers of quad bikes because they are more capable of providing safety and maintenance information about the vehicle. It is even more important to deal with legitimate suppliers if you’re buying a second-hand bike since you are more likely to know more about the vehicle’s history.

Not for Children

Some farms teach children to help out and learn about agriculture at a young age but using quad bikes should not be taught until they are old enough. Those who are below 16 years old should not use quad bikes due to their lack of experience and motor skills.

You may think that it is safe to let them ride as a passenger, but only if the quad bike is designed to carry more than one person. Children should likewise wear helmets and other protective gear even when they are not the ones driving the vehicle.

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The right vehicle for the farming task should not cost you a fortune, as the amount you pay does not always guarantee top-notch performance. If you are still undecided on which type of quad bike to use, it is best to consult an authorised distributor of industrial bikes.