What Australians Drove in 2016 and Auto Innovations in 2017

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Australia hit a new sales record after Australians bought 1,178,133 new cars in the previous year. Car dealerships and carmakers data show that sales rose 2% year-on-year. And people bought certain models more than others from certain manufacturers.

The Kings of the Road

People purchased more sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and light commercial vehicles. Demand for such car types rose by 8% and 9.4%, respectively, year-on-year. Meanwhile, demand for passenger vehicles fell by nearly 6%.

As for brands, it appears Australians preferred the Japanese manufacturers. One Japanese car maker had the top-selling brand and sold 209,610 cars. Another Japanese automaker came in second with 118,217 sales, while a Korean manufacturer achieved third, with 101,555 in car sales.

Auto Improvements

Whether you’re one of many who just bought a car or you’re thinking about upgrading, you may make your way to an auto dealership to look at the new models, as manufacturers step up innovation. Many of the top automakers from the previous year are gearing up to do battle this year. Volkswagen is one such manufacturer.

The German automaker’s Golf is getting an engine update with 110kW 1.5-litre engines. It is also getting new software for its infotainment system. Meanwhile, Mazda is set to reduce cabin noise in CX-5, after the manufacturer received complaints from its previous versions. The engine for the SUV will remain the same, but with better outputs and efficiency.

 New Arrivals

Later in 2017, Korean automaker, Kia, will roll out a new Rio with a six-speed automatic engine to replace the four-cog auto engine. The automaker will also release a new Picanto compact hatchback, which will feature angular LED lamps and a sporty body kit with vents, and a new baby SUV. Other manufacturers will also offer newer models late this year so expect plenty of options for your ride.

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This year looks like an exciting one for automobiles, and for you, as the consumer. With more options and better technologies, you’re bound to own an amazing car.