Driving Out of a Dead End: Here’s What You Can Do With Your Spare Cars

Woman Smiling Inside a CarLet’s say you bought yet another car this year, and you have at least several others in the garage. Some are working while some suffer damage, and you’re befuddled as to what to do with them. Cars are valuable products that help people travel, and their individual parts can help as replacements for other cars who need such.

Here’s are your options on what to do with your spare cars.

Donate it to Charity

Car donation companies need people who are willing to donate their old or used vehicles. They auction and sell the donated cars in other events, with the proceeds benefiting charities that collaborated with such companies.

If you are the philanthropic type, such an exercise is right for you if you want to donate your vehicle.

Give it to a Friend or Family

If you’re feeling generous, you could give the spare care to a family member so he or she could use it in going to school, to work, or on errands.

Sell it to People Who Need One

You may also sell your spare car to people who need it. The price for a second-hand car will depend on its condition, so make sure to have it refurbished if it suffered damage in any way. There are websites online that let you advertise your vehicle to prospective buyers.

Repair Your Broken Cars

Man Inspecting Car's EngineIf your spare car has damage, you should have it repaired. Broken vehicles that sit too long in disuse could deteriorate beyond repair. Who knows, maybe you just didn’t bother using it because the damages made it look ugly.

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Rent Out Your Car

For business-minded car owners, you may opt to rent out your spare car to people who need a temporary means of transport. This could be a profitable business if you live in areas where there are a lot of tourists.

In summary, spare cars could take up unnecessary space in a garage, which is a pity if you could have used the vehicles to help someone. You could donate extra cars to charities, given as presents, sold as second-hand vehicles, repaired, or rented out.

This way, you’ll drive your cars out of a dead end because they won’t be sitting in your garage anymore.