Dismissing the Persistent Myths about Pre-owned Cars

old cars lined upThese days, discerning shoppers prefer used cars from companies like Myers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, especially certified pre-owned vehicles, to brand-new ones. You might not have the privilege of driving a modern car, but its affordability is a luxury in itself.

While certified pre-owned vehicles are not without drawbacks, they’re often misunderstood because of the common misconceptions unacquainted people have about them. To make an informed decision, bury these stubborn myths:

They Are Likely to Break Down Quickly

The notion that certified pre-owned cars are unreliable just because they’re used couldn’t be more wrong. They’ve been tested and approved by the dealership selling them. This is why they tend to cost more than ordinary, secondhand vehicles.

Besides, any perceptive buyer can see a lemon from a mile away by just scrutinizing its vehicle history report. If you have the patience to check several reviews beforehand, you won’t need luck to find a dependable, pre-owned vehicle.

They Depreciate Faster Than New Cars Do

Every vehicle is a depreciating asset, but the beauty of buying a used car is that the previous owner already took the biggest hit. One year after its original purchase, it has already lost about 25% of its value. As time goes by, its depreciation rate slows down. You might be able to sell it for almost the same price after just a few years.

They Come in Limited Numbers

The selection of certified pre-owned vehicles is much wider than that of brand-new cars. If you have a specific model in mind, there’s a good chance that you can find it locally.

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Appreciate the advantages of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, but don’t ignore its risks. Other than shopping around for high-quality used cars, size up dealers to avoid getting ripped off.