4 Amazingly Simple Ways to Maintain Your Motorcycle

Black motorbike

Black motorbikeYou don’t have to be a mechanical expert to maintain your motorbike. All you need are some decent tools and some manual you can easily understand to keep your motorcycle running. You could also always go to the nearest motor repair shop in your area.

However, it really doesn’t hurt to try doing maintenance tasks on your own. Here are some tips on how to keep your motorcycle in top shape.

Check the tyres regularly

It’s important that you regularly check your tyres. Check it weekly to ensure that everything’s working fine. An under-inflated tyre can affect your motorcycle’s handling and braking. The lack of pressure from the tyres means that its wall isn’t firm enough to handle the pressure on it.

On the other hand, an over-inflated tyre can reduce the contact patch’s size when on the road, thus affecting its grip.

Check engine oil

Regularly check if the engine oil is at the level it needs to be for your motorcycle to function properly. If it is not, look for any possible leakage.

Carbon deposits found in your engine may create a “drag” in the internal movements in the engine. As such, it is very important to know if your engine could have carbon deposit buildup. Ensure that the oil is of good consistency so that the motors function properly.

Maintain air filter

Dusty conditions can easily clog up the air filter of your motorcycle. A clogged air filter can cause the driver to lose power, which can result in compromised performance — or worse, a road accident.

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Remove the air filter and see if there are any signs of clogging. If so, replace the air filter right away to prevent it from getting worse.

Check the spark plugs

The spark plugs can affect the performance of your motorcycle. Make sure to use a can of compressed air before you remove the spark plugs and blow the hole where the plugs are. Doing so will remove any debris from the hole so nothing will fall into the engine.

Though the best people to do these for you are mechanics, being knowledgeable in maintenance basics is a must for any motorcycle owner and driver.