When Should You Repair or Replace Your Punctured Car Tires?

Man fills tire in carYour vehicle tires are among the most significant determinants of your driving safety. They are also the most exposed parts of the vehicle to routine damage. Punctures are the common tire issues most drivers will encounter while driving on the road.

Tire repair in Clearfield from repair companies such as Shadetree Automotive might be the ideal solution for a puncture in most cases. But there are times your mechanic will suggest tire replacement after a hole.

Here are some determinants of whether tire replacement or repair will be the solution to your puncture.

The Puncture’s Location

There are various regulations on the location of your puncture so as not to compromise your safety. Mechanics will only carry out repairs on punctures located in your tire’s minor area. This is the area within a ¾ location from your tire’s center.

Punctures outside this area are too near to the tire’s sidewall to guarantee a lasting and safe repair.

Type of Tires

One of the types of tires whose punctures are irreparable is run-flat tires. This is because they have reinforced sidewalls that allow you to drive for a short distance with a puncture. Because of this safety benefit, it is hard to tell accurately if you compromise a run-flat tire’s sidewall.

The sidewall’s strength of this tire can mask considerable damage and repairing a puncture will only expose you to danger.

The Size of Your Punctured Area

Regulations also define the maximum diameter of your punctured area that you can safely repair. Ordinarily, you cannot reliably fix any puncture with a diameter of more than 6mm. Screws and nails will typically cause punctures of less than 6mm diameters, but metallic debris and bolts will result in larger puncture diameters.

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Replacing your tires regardless of the above elements might leave a dent in your wallet. Your mechanic is, however, competent to advise you on the best solution for your tire’s puncture. The answer will be the best one to ensure you do not compromise your driving safety.