Latest Trends in Fleet Truck Upfitting


TrucksThe commercial fleet market is busy in a lot of activities, particularly the occurrence of different vehicle upfitting trends. Some of the latest inclinations are the use of more lightweight materials and modular upfits and flexibility in modification of upfits to cater to the preferences of truck drivers.

Trucking industry’s upfit volume proportionally grows with the increase of fleet truck orders. That is why it’s essential to know the top trends that affect the design and specifications of chassis and equipment.

Enhancing Safety and Productivity

Services such as alignments, frame straightening, and complete engine rebuilds help ensure the safety and productivity of trucks, according to Warner Truck Centers. You can also enhance these two important aspects, however through an increased focus on designing upfits. Instead of getting back-up alarms, rearview camera, or remote start on separate purchase, you add these items at the time of the upfitting.

Getting Standardized Upfit Packages

Uniformity is important in managing a fleet of trucks. More companies nowadays prefer standardized upfit specifications. This helps maintain consistency across the vehicles while reducing their capitalized cost. Purchasing standardized upfit packages can more likely cut down the expenses through discounts.

Reducing Weight on the Equipment

Most of the cargoes that trucks carry already weigh too much. Adding the heavy weight of the vehicle makes it slower, thus less fuel- and time-efficient. That is why it’s practical to move to lightweight and stronger upfit equipment to reduce the overall weight of trucks and the risks of wear and tear.

Shifting to LED Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for every vehicle on the road. With the development of LED lights, numerous fleet owners shift to LED lighting upfit packages. This technology has a minimal electrical draw on the components and it has a longer lifespan. Moreover, LED lights produce brighter illumination.

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There is always a room for improvement in the trucking industry. With these latest trends, you can make your fleet more efficient and your business more thriving.