Top 4 Classic Cars for your First Restoration Project

Ford Mustang

Many people are into car restoration, either as a leisure or business. The effort of bringing back the glory and beauty of classic cars is just priceless. While it would mean some spending depending on the amount of restoration needed, this hobby is financially rewarding, especially if the old vehicles are restored fully.

If you’re planning to give it a try, classic car restoration experts suggest choosing old cars that are affordable and with parts that are easy to find. Here’s a list of old car models that are easy to restore, as shared by

Buick Riviera (1963-1965)

One of the models with the best design during its generation, Buck Riviera is known for its speed and power that comes from a surprisingly small size. This two-door coupe is also a favourite among many car collectors and restoration enthusiasts. Parts are easy to find and are available from many companies.

Ford Mustang (1964-1966)

Ford MustangExperts say Ford Mustang is a great choice for first timers in the restoration business. Reproduced parts can be found in many stores and car supply shops. Other than the availability of parts, this car is also highly famous for its unique style. The first generation Mustangs are an easy sell and they make great collections.

Packard (1951-1954)

Packard is another top-scorer when it comes to desirability. This fifties car is a favourite among enthusiasts and collectors for its fine construction and quality detailing. Almost all parts – mechanical and electrical – can be bought new. Best of all, the parts come on the cheap. You can sell a well-restored Packard for a good sum of money.

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AMC AMX (1968-1969)

Known for its speed, this classic car has basic features. This makes it very appealing for restoration.  Reproduction parts are also sold almost anywhere; you won’t have a headache finding a piece. It’s also pretty easy to assemble. The 1970 version is also nice to restore because of its high market value.

Whichever you choose among these models, it’s wise to learn about restoration and get professional help. Experts can help you succeed in your first car restoration project.