Road Safety: How to Stay Safe When your Car Breaks Down

Towing in Springfield Lakes Vehicle breakdowns could occur to anyone at any given time — right in your very own driveway, in the middle of a busy city street, or in a remote place. And these could happen due to many different reasons — no petrol, mechanical issues, dead battery, an accident, or a simple flat tyre. However, looking for a safe place to pull over could be tough when your vehicle dies on you. There are, however, some ways to improve your safety if your vehicle conks out:

  • Steer clear of the road and try to place yourself behind safety barriers, if there are any, and only if it is completely safe.
  • Find the safest spot to stop and park, one on the leftmost side if possible.
  • Activate your hazard and parking lights, most especially if there’s poor visibility.
  • Look for traffic prior to exiting your car and don’t cross the road if you really don’t have to. If possible, exit your car from the passenger side, away from oncoming traffic.
  • If you have your mobile phone with you, call for help, advises a towing operator in Springfield Lakes.
  • Otherwise, try to locate an emergency phone, but only you could safely reach it.
  • If you think it’s safer to stay in the car — such as during night time or if your car broke down in a remote place, stay inside.
  • In the event that your car dies out on you in a tunnel, turn on all your lights immediately. Remain inside and fasten your seatbelt. Note that operators monitor major tunnels and will send help as soon as possible. Just be patient because help could take longer than usual due to the gridlock caused by your breakdown.
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Although some people could easily change a flat tyre or fix their car under normal conditions, the simplest tasks aren’t always safe or simple when you’re dangerously close to high-speed, whizzing traffic. Put simply, constant awareness and vigilance of your surroundings are immensely critical to make certain that a simple breakdown doesn’t lead to safety issues not only for you but other motorists as well.