Plan the Best Road Trip Ever With These 3 Steps

group of friends on a road trip raising their hands

group of friends on a road trip raising their handsIt’s one of those things that always excite friends: a road trip. A joy ride to Baguio or Baler, however, could quickly be spoiled when unexpectedly your tire blows out in the middle of nowhere, or you couldn’t put it in an Instagram story because of bad signal. The key to avoiding these road trip spoilers is to plan well.

1. Get your vehicle ready

Weeks before the road trip, you must be able to ensure already the car you’ll use is in good working condition. Usually, if it’s a long drive, people don’t want to overuse their own vehicles, so they instead choose to rent a car in Manila.

Car rental companies make sure that vehicles are well maintained. You can make reservations on the company’s website or on apps. Once you get the car though, make your own inspection, especially considering the fluids, brakes, lights, engine, and tire.

2. Take with you a physical route map

Yes, this sounds so ancient, but it could save you from lots of headaches and actually put a little bit more fun in your journey. It’s a backup tool in case your map apps act up or you get to a place where there’s no mobile signal. This is especially crucial when you’re not familiar with the route to your destination.

Also, physical maps can help you better explore the places you’ll drive through, that you may just find it good to add a few more itineraries to your trip. It’s best if you can already mark the map with routes and stops before you hit the road.

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3. Make an effort to save money

You already have a budget, but it’s best if you can save up more. Extra money means extra fun, so find ways to tuck some cash in. For instance, fill up your car at your local community before you go for the long drive. You’re well aware of gas stations offering lower prices, so that’s a benefit for you. You can also pack lunch food, so you won’t have to go to a restaurant in your stops. Postpone the restaurant meals for later when you get to your destination.

Road trips make for the best bonding activities for friends. While you plan these things to ensure the fun in your journey, give in to spontaneity, too. Enjoy!