When Should You Change Your Car Tyre?

Mechanic changing tyreCar maintenance often includes overseeing the engine and other important parts of the car that keep it running smoothly. However, most car owners are guilty of neglecting their tyres when it comes to maintenance checks.

But, this should not be the case because tyres play an important part in automobile safety. A worn out tyre can lead you to more serious accidents than an overheated engine. Knowing when to replace your tyres is very important, so whether you use expensive or affordable tyre brands, observe these signs when they happen.

Worn-out treads

Tyre grips, more commonly known as treads, improve your tyre’s efficiency. These treads are responsible for helping your car keep steady through wet and slippery roads. Check if your tyres have built-in markers to let you know whether or not it is time to be replaced.

Sidewall cracks

Sidewall cracks are as dangerous as worn out treads. These cracks are often an effect of natural conditions like sunlight, debris, or sheer force from the road. Sidewall cracks are the easiest thing to spot, all you need to do is inspect your tyres regularly and replace it once spotted.

Weird sounds

It is normal for your car to produce sounds when the engine is running. However, squeaky sounds while driving almost always indicate a puncture. It can be masked by other noises like the ones coming from your engine, so these squeaky sounds can be hard to notice. Do not hesitate to take a quick look at your car tyres when you hear weird noises.

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Nothing lasts forever, even your tyres. Despite having the right tread thickness, you need to replace your tyres when they reach five years.

Keep these signs in mind and be alert for any changes in your car tyre. Your safety on the road is something that you should not compromise.