The Best Tires for the Garden State

Mechanic checking a tire

Mechanic checking a tireDriving conditions change depending on the road conditions in a location. As such, so should your tires. Getting the right tires for specific road conditions makes driving easier, minimizes hassles, and may even save you a few bucks. New Jersey roads experience variations in weather conditions and using all-season tires might just be your best option — here are 3 reasons for this.

They Need Less Switching

All-season tires are made to handle most weather conditions. So, heavy rains and light snow are not a problem. If you don’t encounter too much snowfall or ice, you might not even have a need to switch to winter tires. And even if you do encounter heavy snow in your area, at least you can put off switching for a couple of weeks or so.

They Last Longer

The softer tread patterns of all-season tires make them last almost twice as long as other tires. This means you get to drive longer. And more miles mean more value for your tires. You’ll spend less time taking your car to the garage for tire switching or outright replacement. They might not be as fuel efficient as harder tires with more grip, but the constant tire replacements make these tires less practical in the long run.

You Get a Smoother Ride

If you’re just driving around the city with your family, your ride will definitely be smoother with all-season tires. If you’re not auditioning for a car movie role, these tires get you all the handling that you need. The softer treads on all-season tires give you a quieter less jolting ride — perfect for a smooth drive with the family.

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All-season tires need less changing, give you a smoother ride, and give you the most bang for your buck. If you won’t be racing any time soon, these tires may just be the best option for you.