How People Judge You: It’s Not Always About Your Niceness

People judgement in VancouverPeople judge others by what they see. There is no going around this simple reality. No matter how much some people may try to deny it, it’s human nature to look at something or someone and pass judgment almost immediately.

How you do your job and how you treat other people may be more important and must be a better way to judge you by, but what other people see is often the only thing they see, and that’s what you offer by way of physical appearances.

What you drive

You may not believe it, but most people will judge your success more by what you drive than where you spend your holidays or even where you live. It’s the most important status symbol. In an area where most people drive Corollas and Civics, even a used Infiniti can get you more adoring looks.

What you wear

Come in for a job interview wearing your best, because designer clothing also ranks high in how you are appraised. Women who wear the right amount of makeup are more likely to get the job than those who wear very little or no makeup at all.

How tall you are

It almost sounds like a joke, but a taller person with the same job description as someone who lacks the long and lanky frame has a better chance of being offered more money. The difference can reach as much as $5000 per year.

How you take care of your body

Now here are two things you can actually work on: People who work out can get up to nine percent more money from the same job than those who do not. And obese or overweight employees get less than what a person of normal weight would in the same company. That should be enough motivation to keep those reps coming.

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Whether you believe in physical appearances or not, most employers do. The trick is to take care of yourself well enough so you are never left behind.