5 Practical Uses for Used Motor Oil

Recycling symbol with pouring oil

Recycling symbol with pouring oilWaste motor oil doesn’t wear out. Although it gets dirty, it can be cleaned and recycled over again. If there’s one good thing good about used oil recycling, then it’s its ability to help avert pollution and conserve finite resources. Moreover, recycled motor oil has several practical uses. Here are some of them:


Re-refining is the most preferred used oil recycling option. Waste motor oil is stringently re-refined into a base stock for lubricant, hydraulic, or transformer oil. The process of re-refining waste oil is energy efficient. Also, re-refined oil is of the same quality as virgin oil and may even outperform pure oil in some situations. Accordingly, re-refined base oil prices are competitive to equivalent virgin oil products.

Fuels for industrial machinery

Some waste oil is used in cement kilns and power plants as fuel. These facilities have large industrial boilers where the waste oil is burned without polluting the environment. The slump oil is dewatered, filtered and demineralised before burning.

Mould oil

Used oil can also be used as mould oil to help release pressed metal products, concrete and other products from their formworks.

Bitumen based products

Bitumens are oil-based substances used in road construction and bituminous waterproofing products. Used oil can be used to make bitumen-based products tailored for a wide range of applications.

Space heating

Small quantities of waste oil are burned to offer space heating for homes and small businesses. The used oil is heated in specially designed heaters.

Waste motor oil is insoluble, slow to degrade, and can contain dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. Luckily, waste oil is recyclable. The oil can be re-refined into new lubricants or processed into fuel oil. Refining and petrochemical industries can also use waste oil as a raw material. And since oil filters contain recyclable scrap metal, steel producers can reuse the filters as scrap feed.

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