Why Consulting a Mechanic is Important for Buying Used Cars

Woman picking up a used car from a lot

Woman picking up a used car from a lotSecond-hand vehicles are a great way to save money, especially if you badly want a certain model but are unable to afford a brand new purchase.

However, you should try to bring a car mechanic with you when planning to buy a used vehicle. It pays to have some expert advice about underlying problems in a used car, which would prevent you from paying costly repairs after a done deal.

Car checklist

Some other things that you can do before paying for a used vehicle include knowing the car’s history. The last thing you want would be acquiring a stolen car. You should also check if there are any outstanding loans or debt associated with the vehicle since you would be responsible for it once the car falls under your ownership.

Most buyers also seek car financing to cover the expenses of their purchase. A majority of second-hand car buyers in New Zealand use this instead of cash. Remember to shop for insurance as well, whether it is a comprehensive or a third-party type.

Warranty coverage

Car brands such as Hyundai, Kia and Mitsubishi still have five-year powertrain warranties for used vehicles over a distance of 60,000 miles, compared to 10 years for a brand new purchase. If you are lucky, some dealers may have units that have warranties for up to seven years.

Do not forget to buy from a certified dealer to be sure of the warranty’s authenticity. Tyres also have a separate warranty from the wheel manufacturer, so you should expect that this will not be available for a second-hand car.

While saving money is the best advantage of buying used cars, the process becomes more complex since you need to look out for different things to purchase the best possible vehicle. How do you shop for pre-owned cars?

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