Why Choosing Carbon Steel for Pipes and Fittings Matters

Carbon SteelWhen choosing material for your pipes and fittings, there are a number of materials that are available. Each of them has their distinct characteristics that make them suitable for different uses.

Here's why you would want to consider carbon steel as a possible material for your pipes and fittings: 

Worth Its Cost – Carbon steel doesn’t burn, is good for use in harsh weather conditions, and takes shock well. Because of its strength, there is less of a need to repair or replace pipes and fittings that are made from it, making your purchase last for quite a while. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to stainless steel and other potential materials as well.

Environmentally Friendly – When a pipe or a fitting made of carbon steel does wear out or breaks down, you do not have to worry about it being trash that causes damage to the local ecosystem. Carbon steel can be brought to recycling centres to be melted down and made into new carbon steel products. Who knows? Maybe the pipe you're currently using now is partly from another pipe fixture that you've used in another project or time before.

Corrosion ResistantLike stainless steel, carbon steel is also corrosion resistant, which makes it an excellent medium for transporting chemicals. Corrosion resistance also contributes to its long life, as it helps prevent the pipe from wearing out and clogging due to corrosion. This feature also makes it a suitable material for underwater fixtures, even more so if you apply water or weather proofing to your pipes.

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Carbon steel is an affordable, tough material that can handle a number of harsh situations such as fire, extreme weather, shock and water. It can also resist corrosion and yet is highly recyclable. Considering all these characteristics, carbon steel items would be an obvious contender for any of your pipe installation projects and plumbing fixture requirements.