Safety Tips for Riding Farm Quads

quad bikes at the farm

quad bikes at the farmIn recent years, the call for safety regulations in using farm quads has grown. Farm quads are essential machines for better farm operations, but it still needs to be used with care like any other vehicle.

The use of operator and crash protection equipment is a recommendable change, but research shows diverging outcomes in terms of safety and productivity. Being a responsible user remains the safest bet. So before you hunt for farm quad bikes for sale from Blue Wing Honda, consider the safety tips below:

  1. Based on the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA), following manufacturer guidelines is imperative. Read through the set rules on how to maintain the vehicle and how to manage the vehicle safely with or without a passenger (i.e., slower ride when with a passenger).
  2. As a rider, you should be skilled enough to ride a quad. Being trained means that the rider knows which routes to take and which jobs to do.
  3. Choose the correct quad for a certain job. Quad bikes can carry one passenger (but at limited speeds), but they are not made to carry passengers so if moving people is required for a job, use other farm vehicles, like a side-by-side.
  4. Always wear safety gear. Aside from approved quad helmets, consider using boots and high visibility clothing. Clothing that covers arms and legs is also advisable.
  5. Children aged under 16 may ride quads made for their age but never let them ride adult quads. It is also a rule to never bring any other passenger, like kids, with them. Adult supervision is also required.
  6. Only carry a passenger if no reasonable alternative is available.
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Farm quads are very useful farm vehicles. Riding them, however, requires responsibility. Follow rules and manufacturer guidelines to productively and safely use these machines.