Give Your Car Shop a Competitive Edge With 2 Simple Moves

a car shop owner smilingThe average lifespan of a car is between 13 and 17 years, which spells good news to people running on a tight budget. You can milk more miles from your vehicle before trading it in or putting it up for sale. In fact, a recent study revealed that most cars on American roads are over a decade old.

Modern engineering makes cars durable proper maintenance is necessary to ensure a vehicle lives out its entire lifespan. This spells good news for car repair shops sporting innovative technology such as Bendpak car lifts, as it keeps the doors swinging.

To make the most of this opportunity, you need to bear a few crucial pointers in mind.

Create a welcoming environment

The car repair scene is predominantly a male affair, despite the number of women drivers increasing over the year. As such, women looking to have some work done on their cars are often at a great disadvantage.

Women are likely to be shortchanged and stuck with a high price tag during a visit to a repair shop. By creating a welcoming environment where all you treat all clients with fairness and respect, you can give your service an edge on the market.

Improve your turn around times

In the absence of a replacement car, many people suffer great inconveniences when their vehicles are at the shop. As such, you would be doing your client a great favor if you can do a professional job in the shortest possible time.

To meet such tight deadlines, you need to have the proper skills and specialist equipment. A quick turnaround time equals to a high number of happy customers who’re likely to recommend your services to their friend.

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Manufacturers build modern cars to last, and as a result, many people are holding on to them for longer. With a little bit of effort and preparation, you can position your business as a preferred service provider for drivers looking to keep their cars in great shape.