Getting a New Ride: A Guide to Buying Used Cars

A car store

A car storeSpotting a perfect used car is possible with good research and evaluation skills. By knowing how to recognise potential problems and measuring the reliability of a used vehicle can save you from expensive repairs later on. The following tips will help you find trouble-free used cars in Tauranga:


Before going to a car retailer, you should already have a car in mind and make sure you know the pros and cons of that particular model. Having two to three options is also recommended in case retailers doesn’t carry the model you prefer.

Set a Benchmark

If possible, test a new or semi-new car with the same model you have in mind to help you set a benchmark when you go car shopping. Knowing how your chosen car model should work can help you evaluate the performance of the used car you’re eyeing.

Check the Exterior

When doing inspections, make sure that the car is on level ground to see if there’s anything that is misaligned or sagging. Then, check the paint job and look for dents, scratches, or signs of rust. The next step is to check the glass, lights, and lenses to make sure that there are no cracks and all of them are working properly. Lastly, check the tires if they’re evenly worn and aligned.

Check the Interior

Sniff the interior for any mouldy odour, as this may indicate water leaks. Next, try out all the seats and seat adjustments to make sure they all work and check if the upholstery is badly worn or ripped. Then, check the pedals for signs of wear or if it looks brand new, as it might indicate that the car has been driven a lot. Lastly, check the controls and radio to make sure that they all work.

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Under the Hood

Check the condition of rubber hoses and belts and make sure that it is not cracked, mushy, or rock-hard. Check all fluid levels as well as the radiator and battery.

If you feel you’ve already done the best you could but you’re still not satisfied, you can always have another independent mechanic to look at the car for a professional opinion.