Crossing Over from Sedans and SUVs

Crossovers in Kalamazoo Many vehicle buyers would never consider anything but a sedan. There is a clear argument to be made for that, primarily the car’s handling and comfort and how well a car hugs the road. With all the new cars being introduced every two to five years, nobody can claim that the reign of the sedan — for some, including the hatch and the station wagon — is going anywhere anytime soon.

The SUV as family vehicle

People with families began turning to SUVs instead of station wagons, minivans and full-size sedans several decades ago. Perhaps it was because of the SUV’s versatility; it can carry just as many people as a station wagon plus luggage and is equally at home on the highway, beaches, rocky terrain, muddy roads, or even where flooding may put a car in trouble. SUVs are also imposing size-wise, and they began to improve in looks, often used to imply wealth, particularly the for more expensive brands.

What people sacrificed with the older, truck-based SUV, however, was the comfort. The bumpy ride became the price to pay for the vehicle’s on and off-road capabilities and towing power.

Crossing over

Then, about a decade ago, people started buying vehicles that were less bulky and more fuel efficient than SUVs, but taller and more versatile than sedans and hatches. These vehicles were also more “youthful” than minivans and wagons. Eventually, those vehicles improved and more models were introduced, and people started calling them crossovers.

Modern crossovers and their features

Those looking at new cars in Kalamazoo are just as likely to consider crossovers like the Kia Sportage and Sorento as they would sedans. The crossovers of today are a lot more versatile and comfortable, packed with the right bells and whistles to make riding a joy again. They have a happy mix of power and fuel economy, as well, and the looks have improved considerably.

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Whatever your opinion of crossovers — whether you think they’re tip-toeing on the territories that used to belong separately to sedans and full-sized SUVs, or they’re a totally different class all their own — there is no denying how well they have adapted to the changing needs of drivers. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges that fit the taste of even the most loyal followers of sedans and other vehicle types.