A Brief Look at Aussies and Their 4x4s

A 4x4 vehicle used off-road

A 4x4 vehicle used off-roadAussies love their 4x4s. One may say that this is a massive understatement. Aside from trooping to local dealerships to buy their own off-roaders, people also flock to companies offering 4×4 rustproofing services in Brisbane and elsewhere.

This is to ensure that their vehicles can fully withstand constant assault from the elements. And understanding the love Aussies have for their 4x4s isn’t hard.

A Penchant for Adventure

Many travel authorities rank Australians among the most adventurous. And according to motorhome rental outfit SHAREaCAMPER, Aussies are solo second. A total 40 countries are surveyed, tackling activities such as hiking, surfing, caravanning, and camping.

Google searches related to adventure and holidays also saw Australians placing second. Searches per 100,000 citizens put Australia behind the Netherlands (1st place) and above Sweden (3rd place). These reasons explain largely why Aussies would love to have 4x4s.

Adventuring means going off the beaten path. Only a real off-roader vehicle can get through those trails. There are rivers to cross, muddy tracks to traverse and all manner of plant life brushing alongside the car. Ordinary cars can’t take as much punishment, but 4x4s can.

Popular Selections

As for the most popular 4×4 picks, 2017 has several. Ford and Toyota’s Ranger and Hilux are two of the best-selling 4x4s in recent years. According to 4×4 Australia, the Toyota Landcruiser 79 is 2017’s 4×4 of the year.

It is followed by Volkswagen’s Amarok TDI 550 Ultimate, Mitsubishi’s Pajero Sport GLS, Haval’s H9 Luxury, and the Mercedes Benz G Professional G300. Aussies sure know how to pick their off-roaders, it seems.

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Australia is a highly urbanized nation. This is why people still need their “nature fix” every now and then. And when it comes to “nature fixes,” Aussies got it covered. There is much to explore Down Under and much to be had in terms of adventure.