3 Ways to Save Money When Touring the Philippines

For tourists looking for exotic destinations, the Philippines is on the top of their to-go list. This is only among the few places in the world where you can explore beaches, urban jungles, lakes, and mountains within a few hours of each other.

If you’re a budget-friendly traveler, the thought of visiting the Philippines may seem daunting. But it’s not at all. The following tips may help you in making sure that you don’t spend too much when making your way through this beautiful archipelago:

Rent a car

When traveling to the Philippines, your first stop will likely be Manila since it’s the gateway to many other destinations. If you’re going to stay for a few days in this metropolitan area and are going to visit multiple places, RentCarManila.com and other experts say that you may as well look for car rentals. This way, you can save yourself from the stress of riding public transportation.

Book flight tickets in advance

If you want to save on your flight tickets, the best way to have them cheaper would be to book tickets in advance. At least a month or so before the flight is already a good time for domestic destinations.

Stay in hostels

Do not stay in hotels. It’s best to book hostels (or an Airbnb) instead. Staying in these places are much cheaper. Plus, you will also be able to meet other travelers and even become friendly with the owners. Depending on what you booked, you could have many people stay in one room or even cook meals to save on food expenses.

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Traveling doesn’t have to involve a large amount. If there are things you can cut back, it would do a lot in suppressing your expenses