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When you want better speed and performance from your car engine, accessories are the way to go. True enough, a stock engine can only go so far in terms of raw driving power. So, if you want a quick boost for it, what you need are accessories and modifications. Turbochargers automatically come to mind. But apparently, you have more choices than you think. says after-market turbochargers are not the only things you can install on your car to improve its performance. There are other accessories and mod you could use to make...Continue reading »

It can be exciting to join your very first auto auction. Auto auctions allow you to get the chance to own a car suitable to your budget. But, as with any other kind of auction or bidding transaction, there are a few things to consider. Pickles, Australia’s largest auction group, lists five items that first-time auto bidders should know. 1. Make sure you know what you’re getting into. Before anything else, grab a catalogue of what will be auctioned off at the event. Do your best to become more used to the process. Don’t be daunted...Continue reading »

Excited for your summer vacation? The warm, windy weather might leave you eager to go on a long-haul road trip. Whether you are going to a secluded beach or hiking with friends, renting a car is the best way to travel around. Before you hit the road, of course, you need to decide whether or not to buy rental car insurance. That is probably one of the trickiest decisions to make. In fact, most Australians have no idea what to do when offered Third Party Coverage and the Comprehensive Motor Insurance. Chances are, they are even more confused...Continue reading »

Mitsubishi Motors Corp., still in the midst of an impressive sales rebound in the States, let it known that it is targeting its first profit in North America since the global financial crisis first hit. Osamu Masuko, Mitsubishi CEO, pledges to build upon the ongoing momentum built by the company by delivering fresh new products within the coming year to be spearheaded by two possible new entries. Included are the much-anticipated Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid crossover and the sedan version of the massively popular Mirage subcompact...Continue reading »

Hyundai Motor Co. along with its corporate cousin Kia Motor Corp. announced Monday their aim to increase sales and market presence in the coming year. They plan to achieve this growth by adapting to changes in consumer demand globally and also by launching newer cars that have better mass appeal to people all over the world. The two companies predicted global car sales to rise by 3.9 percent to 87.1 million units. This is a significant rise from the forecast for 2014 which was at 80.99. The numbers were unveiled at a meeting of top ranking executives that represented...Continue reading »

2015 will mark Aston Martin’s diamond jubilee as it turns 60. In line with the momentous occasion, the firm will be creating 6 special versions of the Vanquish called the Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Vanquish. The company will be unveiling vehicles with subtle differences to commemorate each of the British brand’s six decades of existence in the industry. Yet all will be instantly recognizable as Works 60th Anniversary models. The first offering is an open-topped Volante which was unveiled at the Buckinghamshire-based...Continue reading »

Winter can make for tough driving conditions. With the snow fall comes the inevitable coldness, wetness, and the iciness as roads become tougher and tougher to drive on. Government figures show that the toughest period of the year to drive in, with the highest rates of personal injuries, is November through January. What compounds the problem with adverse weather conditions is the fact that almost half of motorists fail or altogether neglect routine winter checks on their vehicles before hitting the road. What makes this such a cause for...Continue reading »

Sheer luxury, cutting-edge technology, and a vividly striking design will be the hallmarks of Czech brand Skoda’s priciest model to date, the Skoda Superb. The unveiling of the first official sketch shows that the car is a more striking proposition than its somewhat dowdy predecessor. Skoda will also pitch the bigger, newer model as more fuel-efficient, thanks in no small part to the turbocharged four-cylinder engine that it will boast. This may mean that the 2015 model Superb will ditch the V6 engine. The Skoda Superb will be revealed...Continue reading »