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Luxury Automobiles

From Audi to Mercedes: 5 of the Most Expensive Luxury Cars to Maintain

Fancy yourself a high-end, luxury automobile with all the bells and whistles...

Rolls Royce

3 Celebrities Who Donated Cars to Charity

Since they rake in lots of cash from their projects, celebrities often give...

Industry Watch

car auction

A Different Car Chase: 5 Tips Before Getting into Auto Auctions

It can be exciting to join your very first auto auction. Auto auctions allow you to get the chance to own a car suitable...

Motoring Express

Racing Car

Top 4 Accessories to Improve Your Car Engine’s Performance

When you want better speed and performance from your car engine, accessories are...

Racing Car

Mitsubishi Promises New Products

Mitsubishi Motors Corp., still in the midst of an impressive sales rebound in the...


Successful Ways to Donate Your Vehicle to Charity

Car to Charity

In the US, donating a car is a beneficial two way street. One can extend a helping hand and at the same time, reap tax deductions. Before, it was as simple as...

Road Rules

Road Rules to Follow in and around Perth

Driving is in itself easy and safe, but to explore Perth while...

Car in Winter

Winter Motoring Guide

Winter can make for tough driving conditions. With the snow...


The best way to describe cars is performance and appeal. But, imagine your car with its paint peeling off and the parts showing signs of wear and rust. This can be a real nightmare for any car owner. Car owners do not need to panic over one scratch on...

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